About the Hope Shop

The Hope Shop is the online destination for those who want to enjoy shopping while supporting the fight against cancer. As much as ninety percent of the proceeds on every purchase made at The Hope Shop supports the American Cancer Society in its fight to eliminate cancer and create a world with more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back!

The Hope Shop supports the work of the American Cancer Society in New York and New Jersey. To visit our sister online store, the ACS Gift Shop, visit www.cancer.org.

Why Shop at the Hope Shop?

Our Hope Shop products have been carefully designed and selected to provide inspirational messages that represent the hope that one day our world will be cancer-free. From apparel to duffle bags to gifts for cancer patients, The Hope Shop offers you an opportunity to make a statement with one of our meaningful products. Whether you buy t-shirts for yourself, or holiday cards for your family and friends, rest assured that when you shop at The Hope Shop, you are helping to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Shipping and Returns
Wedding Scrolls
Holiday Cards and Letters


Q: I'm looking for an item I don't see here, or a color that is not shown. Is there a way to place special orders?
A: As a non-profit, we work hard to be the best stewards of donor dollars and try to manage The Hope Shop with as little inventory as possible. Give us a call and we will help you to best fulfill your needs.

Q: Do purchases incur sales tax?
A: The Federal Government requires you do pay sales tax on all items purchased on The Hope Shop.

Q: Is my purchase tax-deductible?
A: There is no tax deduction on product sales. A percentage of the proceeds (about 90% on most items) on the product sale will go back to the American Cancer Society. Customers receive fair market value for the product they order.

However, Wedding Scrolls are tax deductible: You can deduct 90% of your total purchase.

Shipping and Returns

Q: What is your standard shipping turnaround?
A: Normal turnaround on items not in stock is 5-7 business days. Items in stock will ship the same day if orders are in by 2:00 PM EST.

Q: What is your shipping cost?
A: U.S. Shipping Costs: Insert shipping matrix chart.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
For shipments to Canada, please add $5 to the shipping and handling chart above. Prices are stated in U.S. dollars. If paying by credit card, your account will be automatically charged in Canadian dollars at the current exchange rate (including all duty and taxes).

International Shipping:
For shipments to locations outside of North America, please add $10 to the shipping and handling chart above. Prices are stated in U.S. dollars. If paying by credit card, your account will be automatically charged in your local currency at the current exchange rate (including all duty and taxes).

Q: How do I return a product?
A: We will gladly accept returns of unworn product. We guarantee a full refund on any product returned within 15 days of receipt. Refunds will be made in the form of the original payment.

Proof of shipment, such as a copy of the original packing label, is required for reimbursement of the full price. Please write your reason for return on the packing label and send your items to:

The American Cancer Society Hope Shop
Attn: Returns Department
835 Canal St.
Syracuse, NY 13210

Wedding Scrolls

Q: What are Wedding Scrolls?
A: Wedding Scrolls are wedding favors for your guests that states a donation has been made to the American Cancer Society in their names. A beautiful scroll can be placed at each table setting at your reception. The American Cancer Society Wedding Scrolls measure 4.875 inches by 7 inches and are printed on superior quality 60 lb. paper in your choice of white, ivory, or parchment. Each scroll is expertly crafted with raised, glossy black ink and encircled with a gold- or silver-tone ring.

Q: What is your shipping turnaround for Wedding Scrolls?
A: Orders are delivered within two weeks. Rush orders are delivered within 5 business days (3 day shipping plus print time).

Q: Is my Wedding Scrolls purchase tax deductible?
A: 90% of the purchase (donation) is tax deductible for Wedding Scrolls.

Q: Is there a minimum order for Wedding Scrolls?
Yes. 100. There is a price break for each additional 25 scrolls ($3.80 for 100 scrolls, $3.68 for 125, $3.60 for $150 etc)

Holiday Cards and Letters

Q: Where do I order the American Cancer Society holiday cards and all occasion greetings?
A: You can find them featured on the Hope Shop. Just click on the program icon on the landing page (in season only). If you’d like to access the site directly, go to www.acsholidaycollection.org.

Q: What are Holiday Letters?
A: You make a donation to the American Cancer Society and we send each of your clients a personalized letter acknowledging you made a gift to us on their behalf (no specific donation details are given). Please note this program has been discontinued but will consider order requests offline. Please contact us at www.acsholidaycollection.org.

For customer service related to ACS greeting cards, call 1.800.247.1694.

For any other questions related to the Holiday Collection, visit www.acsholidaycollection.org.